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After Pearson’s acquisition of Macmillan, he was rapidly promoted to vice president of international sales, marketing, and operations and then to VP global marketing, and corporate and government sales. He is currently publisher and director of channel sales at Author Solutions, A Penguin Company.

Kristyn Decker’s Grace and Love Shines Bright After Fifty Years In Polygamy

September 24, 2012 1 Comment by authorsbower

Kristyn Decker‘s Fifty Years in Polygamy is an honest and brave memoir of being raised within a mormon polygamist sect, and then at the age of seventeen marrying into another. Kristyn describes scenes of sexual abuse, family conflict and poverty with a heart wrenching rawness. The intricacies of her relationships with the those close her , from her husband, to her sister wife, to a lesbian admirer are described in all their complexity.  Yet throughout the book, Krystyn’s grace, love and goodness shines through. You also witness Kristyn seeking an understanding of her faith and furthering her education. She is seeking her truth and striving to lead her life.

I’ve been fortunate to get to know Kristyn over the last six months while working on her Balboa Press book. What stands out is her warmth and lack of bitterness. The smile that you see on the cover as  seventeen year old is still bright, but now it’s backed-up by  deeper level of contentment.

I’m blessed to have Kristyn as a friend.


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